Second Date Ideas,Best Ideas For a 2nd Date
A second engagement is all about chat. You may have talked plenty over the telephone, in emails or on social bookmarking sites like Facebook or MySpace, but now is the time to let your experiences do the talking. A date that offers a bit of privacy, is fun and informal, and is good dating etiquette. The second date offers a prospect to create a first impression once more so it’s critical to go somewhere or do something where you can be mellow and yourself.
You have a better chance at a second date if you do the following:
1) Choose an exciting activity that you and your partner can enjoy.
For your first date, you probably stuck to the classics like a dinner date or an afternoon stroll. The second date offers you the opportunity to branch out and bare a little more about yourselves. So consider doing something exciting and active like a trip to mini-golf, a day at the amusement park or a boat ride at your nearby park. These activities will help you out in slowly divulging your inner self to your partner as well as in getting to know him or her a whole lot better.
2) Bring a surprise gift.
Did she mention that she has an irrational love for snow globes? Did he tell you that he adores Steven Spielberg’s works way too much? Take a clue from your first date conversations and bring your partner a surprise gift that is close to one of his or her interests. The second date gives you the opportunity to show your partner that you were indeed paying attention during your last date. When you remember the information you gathered during your first meet-up and show your partner just that, it will instantly create a positive connection.
3) Don’t rush for physical touches.
Second dates are way too early for full lip-locks and anything like that, so keep your lips, hands and other body parts to yourself. Your second date should be about discovering each other more, and by that, we mean your personalities, likes and dislikes, interests and other nonsexual-oriented topics. You can flirt, but make sure to keep it within acceptable limits unless you want to scare your partner off and lose your chance on love.
4) Be yourself and be interested.
Engage your date and be natural during your conversations. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you are not being yourself, the ladies will pick up on it immediately. Remember why you were attracted to her in the first place, trust, and follow your instincts. The reason you are on a second date is to get to know her better and she in turn is doing the same thing. You may as well be yourself and find out if it is a match or not, early on rather than later.
5) Take her to a book reading club
Okay, this may sound boring to you, but there is nothing quite interesting than to get to know a girl more other than reading her brain. On the second date, you must remember that you are going out not just to please her but also to see for yourself if she is worthy of being pursued. And by taking her to a book reading club, you would know for sure if her mind is as interesting as her looks. And ideas for a second date such as this would surely be quite memorable for you and your girl.
6) Find out more.
Most of the most memorable second dates became such because both
parties were pretty interested in wanting to find out more about
each other. Be inquisitive and ask your partner a lot of questions.
Ask him or her about his or her general outlook in life, social
circle, lifelong dreams and other interesting topics. This way, you
will make him or her feel extra special and that you really are
interested. Just don’t overdo it though unless you want to sound
like an annoying, investigative reporter. Set limits to your questions.
Never ask about sensitive topics such as political opinions,religious
views, or worse, sexual preferences. That’s just plain rude – and
downright awkward.
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